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  • We will participate in Aahar 10 to 18 March 2018 in Pragati Maidan new Delhi. PLease visit us for see live demonstration of our machines
  • we have lunched new range of Automatic Premade pouch Packimg machine
  • high speed round bottle labeling machine 200 bottle per min successfully supplied to Patanjali
Sachet Packing Machine
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Automatic Snakes Packing Machine
Potato Chips Packing Machine,NamkeenMixture Packing Machine,Kurkure Packing Machine,Chips Packing Machine Pops Packing and other Granules
Automatic Puff Packing Machine
Puff ,Pops ,Cumin ,Spice Powder , Detergent Powder
Automatic Mouth Freshner Sachet Packing Machine
Tea Pouch , Coffee , Tobacco , Spice, Cardamom , Pharma granules , Detergent Powder , Chemical Powder , Cumin Sachet Packing Machine many more.
Automatic Shampoo Packing Machine
Shampoo Pouch , Honey Pouch , sauce Pouch , Cream Pouch , Semi Liquid Pouch, Oil Pouch , Ketchup Pouch , Chatni Pouch , Adhesive Pouch
Automatic Tablet Counting Machine
Medicine Tablet ,Ayurvedic Tablet , Toilet Cleaning Tablets , Naphthalene ball , Pharma tablet Packing Machine many more
Automatic Soap Packing Machine
Soap Packing ,Biscuits ,Books ,Matthi,Aggarbatti Packing ,Glucose Bottle , Chocolate,Blood Sample Bottle and Inner Pouch etc.
Automatic Supari packing Machine
Tea, Coffee, Tabacco, Spice, Supari, Cardamom, Pharma granules, Detergent Powder, Chemical Powder, Cumin many more.
Automatic Honey packing Machine
Honey Pouch packing, sauce Pouch , Cream Pouch , Semi Liquid Pouch, Oil Pouch , Ketchup Pouch , Shampoo Pouch Packing, Adhesive Pouch
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