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  • We Have Lunched new range of High Speed Labeling machine. this machine speed is 200-250 Bottle per min.
  • we have lunched new range of Automatic Premade pouch Packimg machine
  • We Have Lunched new range of High Speed Labeling machine

Shrink Labeling Machine

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A series of shrink labeling machines are ideal for various large-scale industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food and beverage. In order to meet the defined industry standards, these stainless steel models are constructed with a durable and strong design. These are fabricated with high load-bearing capacity and user-compatible interface to generate high yield per hour. With the latest technique and high definition engineering principles, these automated models offer high-quality products that can easily differentiate from the rest. A durable range of shrink labeling machines is applicable for various kinds of bottle types like round, square, flat, curve and cup-shaped used for fruit juices, tea drink, dairy products, pure water, condiments, and sports drink etc. These are embedded with various technical specifications that include Label-controlling electric-eye shelf, push-button control cabinet, bottom set label brush, adjustable cutter head, single positioning center guide pillar and more. These installations provide extra stability and durability to labeling machines. Moreover, some of these even possess variable speed adjustable convection bowlers. According to marketers, Shrink labeling machines are the perfect match for the industry with fast production rates, minimum maintenance and maximum precision for label and products.

Automatic Shrink Labeling Machine/Shrink Label Inserting Machines
Sleeving for Soda Bottle, Cold drink Bottle, Syrup Bottle, Juice Bottle, Water bottles, Round Candles, Cans, Jars etc
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