Semi Automatic Weigh Filler Machine (Single-Head)

Approx. Price: 325000

:Strong Wooden Packing
Machine Power
:2.0 Kw ,Single Phase
:5-8 packs per min. etc.(Depends upon Pack Size)
Weighing Accuracy
:1-3 gms,2-5 grms etc Depending on the grain size of various variety of Products)
Packing Material
:Heat sea lable laminated pouch material, LDPE, virgin films.(Vacuum sustainable)
Filling Heads
:1 Head
:Stainless Steel.
Payment Mode Term
:T/T (Bank Transfer)
Port of Dispatch
  • Highly Accurate Accuracy within the range of 2-5 grms from 100 grms to 5 kgs packing
  • Heavy duty and robust vibrator for feeding the material with bulk and fine feeding option
  • Load cell controlled weighing system, which ensures highly efficient weighing, easy calibration and weigh setting thus reducing weighing changeover time
  • Digital display shows the weight in each pack, thus the positive feedback
  • No effect of change of bulk density of the product on the setting of the machine as weight based positive control system
  • All contact parts with material are made of stainless steel
  • Pneumatic technology used for easy and efficient working of the machine

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