Top and Bottom Sticker Pasting Machine

Approx. Price: 775000

Output Speed
:40-60 Product per minute depend on product and label size
: Product sensor and label Gap sensor / Transparent sensor
Payment Mode Term
:T/T (Bank Transfer)
:Strong Wooden Packing
Delivery Time
:within 35 Days
Power Consumption
:2.5 Kw Single Phase
Model & Code
Product Size
:60mmx50mm (Subject to approval by our technical team)
Product Range
:Premade Pouches, Sheets.
Label Type
:Self Adhesive Sticker Labels in Roll Form having consistence 3 mm gaps between the 2 labels


With the technical name of Top And Bottom Labeling MachineSticker Pasting Machine is there to help you Labeling the Top and Bottom of products like Cosmetics, Electric MCB, Containers, Boxes needed to label from the Top and Bottom.


Salient Features :


  • PLC +HMI Controlled Based Machine
  • D-Stacker system for feeding Pouches
  • Servo/ stepper motor controlled label dispensing system ( as per Client Requirement )
  • Touch Screen Display for speed of label dispensing motor set speed of the machine, actual speed of machine & number of labeled products can be seen.
  • Adjustable speed control through VFD for feeder conveyor with automatic synchronization




  • For Automatic Pouches Labeling Machine
  • Stainless steel 304 slat chain conveyor with VFD(variable frequency drive )
  • SS 304 Covered Structure
  • Rigid vibration-free construction for trouble-free performance.
  • The dispenser consists of genuine imported fiber optic-based product sensors & label gap sensors.
  • Special Label Sensor for sensing Transparent Film Labels which does not have any sensing mark on it. 
  • Label accuracy +/- 1-2mm  

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