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automatic Shrink labeling Machine
Approx. Price: 1
Port of Dispatch
:Strong Wooden Packing
Machine Power
:8.0 Kw - 10.0 Kw,Three Phase
:Fin Type
:Digital temperature controller (PID type)
:Slat chain conveyor
  • Description:-

    The principle of the labeling machine is that the item is fed to the labeling machine at a constant speed on the conveyor. The mechanical fixture separates the items a fixed distance and pushes the item in the direction of the conveyor. It has a drive wheel, a labeling wheel and a reel. The mechanism is a kind of advanced driving device of hot shrink labeling machines. that’s is kind of device with four wheel drive , automatic centering through four wheel with balanced pressure .  


    • Round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle, juice bottle, candle etc.



    • Production capacity of equipment 150 / 250 bottles per min. (Depending on the model selected)
    • PLC controlled system with touch screen display for parameter setting and alarm display.
    • No bottle – no shrink label interlocking to avoid wastage
    • Sleeves required in roll from with per minimum 4 mm gap between print areas for detection of label.
    • Film unwind sensor for smooth delivery of film
    • Roll unwinding through geared motor
    • Automatic feeding product through conveyor system
    • Servo motor controlled pulling
    • Servo motor controlled rotary cutters
    • Special sleeve holding system for proper vertical positioning of shrink sleeve
    • Machine can be attached with any other packing machine or operation to give online application


    Specification :-

    • Input power – 3kw
    • Input voltage – 415VAC  , 3 phase
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